Business Local Listings and Search Presence Management

Ensuring customers find the correct information upon discovering or searching for your business is important.

With the various directories out there, and the ability for anyone to add a listing, it is possible for information posted related to a business to be incorrect. Having accurate listings on websites and directories is vital, as consumers use these to find business’ information.

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The higher accuracy your listings are on big directories such as YellowPages, Yahoo Local, Apple Maps, Google Maps the higher chance of your page coming up in search. Whether it is listed correctly or not, it will greatly impact search history.

Use a Tool to Manage Listings

There are ways to manually, or through a platform, monitor listings and update their accuracy. Without a tool to do so, it may take hours to ensure all listings are correct and you most likely will never be able to find them all. Our Reputation Management tool, through Creative Color, makes it easy to:

  • Check listings across the web and correct inconsistencies
  • Ensure that a business is listed on the places where their customers are looking
  • Receive alerts and reminders to deal with missing and incorrect listings
  • Climb local search rank with improving the consistency of data

It does it all for you with a click of a button and it can find where your business is listed. 

Find the Hot Spots

Focus on the directories that matter, the ones which receive the most attention. Find out where your target audience turns to when they are searching. Try searching your own company or your competitors and see where they come up in search. The more places your company is listed the more it will show up in a search but the information that is given on these sites must be accurate. If your competitor has an accurate listing on certain sites related to the business which show up in the first search page, your company should also be listed.

Maintain Your Listings

Some sites, such as Yelp and YellowPages, allow visitors to update any business and post photos of the business. Meaning on some sites, anyone can go onto your company profile and add relevant photos. For this reason it is important to update and check your listings, to ensure all the photos best represent your company in the best quality, and that all the information is up to date.  

Listing management is an important part of maintaining a business’ online presence. The more accurate and recent listings there are, the more likely Google is to display your business in search. There are tools out there available to you to manage your listings from one platform, which Creative Color can also do for you. Search your business and your competitors to see where the searches go. Checking your listings will build company reputation and search engine optimization.

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