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Marketing and Communication have become a real challenge for most organizations. The world has transitioned to having infinite access to digital information and entertainment. The average person, across the globe and regardless of means, has access available to them. Most, are now spending more leisure time in front of an internet-connected device than all other personal activities combined.

The Challenge:

The main advantage of using digital means to connect with a chosen audience is that it can be incredibly more cost-effective than traditional marketing approaches. The disadvantage is how complicated this effective communication process can be. To illustrate this point, the following is one comparative example. 

We currently charge our customers $100 to show a full-color ad on 10,000 screens/devices.  Ads are only shown at the time a person is actively looking at their screen. We can aim the ads to be shown to people of specific gender, age and interests.  We can choose preferred times of day and define geographical areas as small as a 1 km radius. We have defined a stipulated daily budget to spend on showing each ad, how many days to run them, and can access reports on all of this data as it occurs, and more, for each view, click, or action taken by the ad viewer. This is just one of a multitude of ways digital marketing can get your message out to your audience.  

Compare the above to the effectiveness of being able to reach and engage your audience with a similarly priced ad in our local newspaper. They would be challenged to offer a black and white ad, somewhere in the many pages of a single week’s edition, delivered to 20,000 homes, not businesses, for the same cost. While there are many reasons organizations may choose to still use traditional means to communicate to their audience, as time progresses, many of those options are being discontinued once they are no longer sustainable. A move to fully include and engage with your audience through Digital Communications and Advertising has become necessary.


In an effort to simplify the number of options to effectively begin, or to further develop your Digital Marketing abilities as an organization, Creative Color offers the following, in addition to our passion to want to help you on this journey.

Intro to DM (Digital Marketing) Workshops – FREE (Limited Time)

  • 2 Hour Group Presentations
    • The Basics of Marketing Strategy/SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
    • Using Tools to Simplify Regular Tasks
      • Building/Managing Social Media
      • Building/Managing Your Internet Presence/Reputation – Everywhere
      • Getting/Managing Customer Reviews
    • Effective Websites
    • Advertising on the Internet/Google Ad Grant for Non-Profits
  • Interested Participants can request a 2 Week Trial to try our DM Business Centre Dashboard/Reporting Toolset

Basic Strategy DM Tools & Education – $300/month

(Initial Contract – 12 months)

  • Tools – Full Versions
    • Business Centre DM Dashboard/Reporting
    • Social Media Builder/Manager 
    • Reputation Builder/Manager – For Your Internet Presence – Everywhere
    • Internet Listing Builder/Multiple Listing Auto Sync Manager
    • Customer Reviews Builder/Manager
  • Nonprofits – 4 hrs/month – Educational Support

   (includes 2 hrs/mth sponsorship)

Educational Support Includes

    • Setup $10,000/Mth Google Search Ad Grant Account
    • Access to Multiple Discounted Non-Profit Tools
    • Assist in Creating 3 Google Search Ad Campaigns 

(1 Ad/Campaign)

    • Event/News
    • Donations
    • Volunteers

NOTE: Educational allocation for monthly hours may be heavily used for the initial setup. Balance can thereafter be used for ongoing DM Workshops or Individualized Training in areas of need/interest.

Advanced Strategy DM Tools & Education – $500/month

(Initial Contract – 12 months)

  • Nonprofits – 8 hrs/Month – Educational Support

(includes 4 hrs/mth sponsorship)

Educational Support Includes – All of Basic Strategy Tools/Education plus…

    • Assistance Developing Monthly/Annual Digital Marketing Strategy
    • Social Media Planning
    • Social Media Posting
    • Monitoring/Responding to Comments
    • Monitoring/Responding to Reviews
    • Requesting Reviews
    • Executive Report (Weekly, Bi-Weekly or Monthly)

Advanced Strategy DM Tools & Marketing – $800/month

(Initial Contract – 12 months)

  • Nonprofits – 12 hrs/Month – Marketing Support

(includes 6 hrs/mth sponsorship)

Includes – All of Advanced Strategy Tools/Education plus…

    • Our In-House Creative Color Consultant is responsible to perform all regular tasks identified above in the Monthly/Annual Plans in consultation with the client as required
    • Additional 10,000 Google Display Ad Impressions/Month
    • Increased Campaigns and Ad Strategy towards Google Search Ads and YouTube Video Grant
    • Video Scripting/Creation
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