Every organization, no matter size or type, requires an effective means to communicate and market to be successful. In this world of technology, marketing is constantly changing and it can be overwhelming for anyone to try and manage their organization AND their marketing.
As a local small business, represented in the Tri-municipal area for over 40 years, we know your challenge and are here to help.

First things first - What is Digital Marketing? (DM)

Digital Marketing is a component of marketing that utilizes the internet and other online based digital technologies such as desktop computers, mobile phones, tablets, other digital devices and media.  It has replaced the bulk of most traditional forms of marketing such as Yellow Pages, printed Newspapers and even Television Advertising. It is the most popular means for people of all ages to turn to when they are looking for information on products and services, how-to do anything, research on any topic, and seek out every form of entertainment you can imagine that can be enjoyed on a screen.

Creative Color’s team of local, in-house professionals have the power to help your organization acquire, retain, and grow clients—all with unparalleled efficiency. We use our own custom digital marketing educational workshops and world-class software tools, that will all be available to you and your business.

Our goal is to help our local community to effectively communicate and promote any upcoming events, messages, products or services throughout the Tri-Municipal community and beyond!

Creative Color has been working tirelessly to be able to provide a range of educational opportunities, products and services for our local business and non-profit organizations in the Spruce Grove, Stony Plain, and Parkland County Area.  Our aim is to create solutions that reduce the amount of pain and suffering required, and still achieve the greatest degree of positive outcomes.

Our Promise to You

We have acquired and developed workshops, training, courses and tools that will ensure everyone understands what Digital Marketing is, it’s importance, where an organization should start, and then, how to implement a custom strategy to set a proper foundation for developing and managing an effective online presence.

For a limited time, there will be no cost to your organization until you see results worth paying for.

Become a Digital Marketing Expert