How to Manage Reviews Online

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According to research, about 97% of consumers find information about local businesses on online search, and 70% make decisions whether to purchase or not based on what online reviews say. So whether you know it or not, your business and reputation are being evaluated every day. For this reason It is important to always respond to reviews online. It shows your customers that you listen and care. For a positive review it shows your appreciation and for negative reviews it shows regret and an effort to improve. Managing your reviews allows you to strengthen your online business reputation and thereby increase the chances of a consumer choosing your business.

1. Know How to Respond Effectively

Words are power in this situation. Think about what you write and how the reviewer may interpret it. If it is a negative review, never fight fire with fire, it will only make the situation worse and will draw negative attention to your business. We are business professionals and need to maintain that reputation. Respond politely, express regret, and offer some kind of solution, whether that is a question as to how you can improve or a refund for their inconvenience.

2. Stay Up-to-Date

Reviews aren’t as effective if they are years old. Consumers look for recent reviews. Manage your reviews to maintain recent and relevant reviews on your latest products. Consumers are much less likely to try a new product if it has not yet been reviewed, as opposed to if it has many positive reviews. 63% of consumers are more likely to purchase from a site with recent reviews.

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3. Hire Professionals

Local business owners in particular, are already working crazy hours to succeed in their company and their time is valuable. Hiring a professional digital marketer to manage all your reviews may be a good idea as they have more experience and will ensure your business’ positive reputation grows.

4. Respond Quickly

When a review has been posted, respond to it as soon as you are able to. Responding to a review a year later is almost pointless, as it may make your business look lazy and unaware. However, responding quickly cultivates the reputation of awareness. It shows consumers that if they have a question you are available and are prepared for anything.

5. Utilize Tools for Review Management

Businesses and companies are turning to online tools to manage their reviews effectively. These save time and allow for ease of access to every review on every platform, with the ability to set automated responses. There are programs that will track all your reviews on all platforms and allow you to respond all from the same place. It will remind you right away when a review has been posted so you are able to respond as quickly as possible.

Our team of Marketing Professionals at Creative Color have access to effective Review Management tools and have experts who can ensure your reviews are responded to appropriately in a way that will build a positive business reputation. Contact us if you have questions or would like one of our experts to show you how we can manage your reviews effectively.

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