Is Your Website Effective?

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97% of people learn more about a local company online than anywhere else. That's why its so important to have a well designed, and effective website!

Your website needs to be able to provide content that allows the consumer to interact, engage, and learn everything they need to know about your business. That being said, there are some key factors in creating an optimized website so that your customers keep coming back.

First things first! Lets take a look at a poor example of a website
Now this is a bad website. Of course your website can’t look this bad, but we also know that this site is TRYING to look bad. Now, how much do you want to bet you didn’t scroll down to the bottom of that site? If they had a link to win a million dollars on the bottom you would never know!

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Why is this? Easy, consumers don’t want to interact with an unattractive website.
Now think of your own content for a moment, if someone looked at your site and felt the same way you just felt, do you think they would chose to engage with your site? Chances are no.

If you want your website to be engaging you need to keep these in mind:

Domain Name

When you are searching for a company’s website what is the first thing you do? Search the companies name.

If your website is called it is much more appealing than
You’re better off having a website that is easy to remember, and easy to write out. A potential customers first impression of a website is largely impacted by design, so why not start it off with a clean domain name?

Loading Time

If there is one thing I know about consumers, it’s that they hate waiting. In this age of technology people expect information instantly, and it only takes a split second for a potential customer to form an opinion on your website. Don’t let a blank loading screen give them any negative feelings about your site.
Take the time and make sure your site is fast!

Keep it Simple

When you’re creating your website you want to make sure you provide all the content that your customers may need, but a lot of the time it gets overwhelming.

Having a clean, easy to navigate site is much more effective than having a site that bombards you with buttons and pop-ups! Keep it simple and focus on important information. Don’t lose potential customers because they can’t find what they are looking for.

Automatic Music and Videos

Raise your hand if you listen to music while your on the computer. ✋ I know I do, and many of your customers do as well.
If you have ever noticed the small speaker icon in your internet tabs you know that that web-page has audio coming from it; and people tend to close those tabs when it disrupts their music.

So if you want sound or videos on your site, try adding a play button so your customers can choose to listen to your audio.

Mobile View

Recent studies show that mobile traffic has gone up 222% in the past 7 years! So it is crucial that your website is optimized for computer, tablet and phone viewing.

If a mobile user comes across your site and it is hard to navigate because it doesn’t scale, they will leave! Make sure your website will fit every screen.

Your website is one of the most important online marketing tools you have. It is the basis for all online and google ads. And in the growing age of technology if you don’t have a website, you’ll get left behind.

So take some time today and optimize your site!

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