Our Fearless Leader

Taking over the business in March of 2000, we have come a long way. Dan loves working with staff and customers to best meet the local communities visual communication needs.


The Man Behind The Machine

Ryan is the former owner of Marcel’s Handie Printing, and joined Creative Color in 2017. The combining of customers and talents has been very good for all.
Ryan rises early every morning to ensure all your signage and printing products are made just the way you like them.


Head Currency Coordinator & Promo Expert

Sarah, also known as Ryan’s better half, also joined us in 2017. As a new mother, she works to help us stay organized and on track with exciting things like invoicing, paying bills, filing and anything else she can do to help the rest of us stay focused. Just like any good mother would do.


Director Of First Impressions

Connie joined us from SG Staples Copy Centre in June of 2016. She is multi-talented in most aspects of our operation, in addition to her very pleasant, welcoming smile and eager desire to help all who enter.


Ringleader Of Creative Operations

Megan joined us in 2017 from Marcel’s. Every day she tackles numerous graphic design requests making customers happy and putting her formal training to good use. Her expert eye keeps our projects looking clean and professional.


Online Ad & Marketing Master

Ron and Dan have been working together since early 2017 to unravel the mysteries of the internet, as it relates to being an effective communication tool. Certified in Google Analytics, Ron works hard to achieve the most impact possible with your available advertising resources.