The Best Approach to Optimizing Your Google My Business


What is Google My Business?

Google My Business is the free tool used to manage a business’ Google presence online, including search and maps. It can be particularly useful to update business hours on Google search and maps, as well as business location and information. Essentially, it allows you to manage and update what consumers see when your business is searched.

Have a Solid Business Profile

Before you start posting, ensure that your profile is up to date. Having the correct hours of operation, address, and website is vital for credibility and for your business to be found. If there is an upcoming holiday that you know you will be closed on, login into your GMB account and make the adjustment. Having an optimized and updated account will increase your visibility in search.


Your audience is most likely prospective or current customers. Those who are searching for your company, or for something related to what you offer, will see your Google My Business Profile. These consumers are already interested and want to know what you offer. For this reason, your content and posts should be curated towards them.

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As your audience is existing or prospective customers already interested in what you offer, your posts should be related to what you do. Your products should then be listed and posted to your profile so the searcher can preview what you offer and do. You should also post current offers to your profile. If you are offering a limited time offer or discount, Google My Business is the place to post this. Business updates should also be posted. If your store is under renovation or you are hosting an event, post this to your profile. Your posts should be professional and business related.

Tips for Effective Posting

Use high quality images as these images are uploaded to Google and will forever be attached to your business. Ensure they represent the company well. Keep your text short, long paragraphs are not necessary on GMB. Short and Sweet is usually best.

Call to Action

Ensure your post has a Call to Action wherever possible. Searchers like ease of access. If they can read your post with a direct clickable link to what you’re offering, the chances of them looking further into it are much higher. Make sure the landing page for the Call to Action is aligned with the post and easy to use. 

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Google My Business is a great tool to update the public on changes to your business and what you offer. Maintaining an updated business profile on Google search, and on maps will improve your visibility and credibility to consumers. Offers, events, updates, and products make up the majority of standard GMB posts. Always remember to keep posts professional and proof read before they are posted.

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