Why Your Business Should Have Google Ads

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What is Google Ads? Google Ads is an online program created to generate and curate ads suited for the searcher. These ads allow you to reach an audience that is interested in your products and services, based on their searches. The ads are ‘Pay-Per-Click’ based, meaning you only pay when someone engages with your ad. There are so many different methods of advertising and marketing, and salesmen are always asking you to purchase without explaining why. Here’s why Google Ads are important, and a good investment.

1. Google’s Research

Google is known as one the most innovative companies in the world and has been the leading search platform for years. There is a reason the brand itself now is a common used verb in conversation (ie. ‘googling a question’). Google’s workers are constantly ensuring it has updated and accurate information. When someone has a question, they go to Google. It makes sense then that if someone has a question related to your field, they Google it, and see your Ad because it is related to the topic. People are looking on Google for answers your company can provide. But you can’t do that if they don’t see your profile.

2. Intent

The biggest thing that sets Google apart from other media platforms is the intent of the consumer. Those who see your ads on Facebook or Instagram are not searching themselves for your ads, they are randomly generated. Google Ads are curated by the search, so the consumer has already searched a keyword related to your company. They are already searching with reason and intent, and are interested in what your company offers, as the Ads are generated based on keywords related to your business and field.

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3. Keywords and Distance Parameters

Google Ads are not randomly generated like other media platforms ad setup, rather they are generated on a keyword search basis. This allows you to set the words relating to your business, products and services, which will then display your Ad when these keywords are searched in your set radius. This allows you to target the right audience, and target them locally, as you can also adjust the distance parameters of your ad. For example, if you are only targeting local, you can set your distance within a relative driving distance to your business.

4. Cost Flexibility

With Google Ads, you are not only guaranteed results with the ‘Pay-Per-Click’ method, but also are able to set your own budget. Whether you have a large budget for ads, or a small budget, Google Ads have settings for you to set your maximum spend, and it will not produce and charge for ads past that price. It is important to know that some keywords do cost more than others, but you have the flexibility to choose what your budget is. In this way, even if you are not monitoring your ads, you can ensure you aren’t racking a bill up beyond your budget.

5. Brand Awareness

Even if a consumer does not click the Ad, they are still seeing your brand. This is essentially all free advertisement, until they click the ad, which is the best case scenario! Consumers either see your ad, and you’re spreading brand awareness, or they click it, in which you are getting engagement and potentially a customer, as often if they click, they are interested. Google is one of the best ways to spread Brand Awareness and Google Ads will help you do this.

These are only some of the main features of Google Ads, there are many more such as prioritized landing page experience. Google search is designed for the consumer, and therefore is designed for them to have the best related results. Google Ads is set up to manage how your business shows up in a search based on these keywords, and allows you to set your own budget at a cap, while only paying upon interaction with the ad. Google Ads can drive your brand awareness and business sales when setup properly.

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